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    About company

    "Comsales Grup" is a private capital company, specializing in the promotion of innovative technologies, high quality products and services that meet all customer needs.

    The philosophy of our company is based on three core values: professionalism, quality and short timeframe, due to which the Customers become our partners for a long-term period.


    Ideas, experiences, results - these are the factors that lead to success and characterize our team. «Comsales Grup» - a team of specialists, each of whom has rich experience.

    «Comsales Grup» seeks to transform the established conditions in specific results, providing comprehensive solutions, which are a wreath of our experience and your requirements.


    Address: Chisinau, Mesterul Manole str. 5А

    Phone: 0 22 88-55-17

    Fax: 0 22 88-55-16

    Mobile: 0 68-68-07-87