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We’re a construction company focused on getting the job done while finding the best way to do it. Since 2006 Comsales Grup has become one of the leading industrial engineering companies in the Republic of Moldova, specialized in the construction and design of industrial, agro-industrial and commercial units as well as industrial weighing devices.

Being a modern enterprise, equipped with professional equipment and staff, we have all the capabilities to maneuver work of great complexity. As a general contractor we take over the whole spectrum of tasks related to the construction:


ensuring compliance with technical requirements

project documentation

the execution of the works according to the project documentation


contracting competent and experienced subcontractors

project documentation

elaboration project documentation


giving the object into operation

«Comsales Grup» in figures

14years experience

Principles «Comsales Grup»

Budget Compliance Guarantee

The cost of the project is calculated by a team of procurement specialists and engineers and the final price is approved by our Cost Engineer. We guarantee that after signing the contract the price does not change.

Efficiency guarantee

As a general contractor, we focus on efficiency during all stages of the construction to save time, money and materials.

Quality Guarantee

Reliability proven by ISO certification, quality certificates and (surely not least) satisfied customers.

Deadline Guarantee

For us it's important to deliver a project in time. That is why we sign contracts with a specified duration of execution, and for breaking the terms we incur all the penalties.

Comsales 2006
Our history

The company was founded

Our history

Increase of the production area from 18m² to 80m²

Our history

Launch of the first product - industrial scales

Our history

Foundation of the metallic industrial complex «Steel House»

Our history

"Comsales Grup" increases its production force by purchasing the 1000m² plant

Our history

Lansarea pe piață a celui de al doilea produs –
containerele mobile cunoscute sub brandul «Steel Box».

project department
Our history

Establishment of the Design Office «Comsales Project»

metal constructions
Our history

We're getting bigger. Now all the engineering work unfolds on a 2500m² area

plasma cutting
Our history

"Comsales Grup" is ready to build the most complex objects

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