Industrial engineering

  • The "COMSALES GRUP" company specializes in the development and realization of construction projects in industrial and agriculture-zootechnical sectors.

The construction process binds together a whole set of complex and specific works, such as: earthworks, foundation works, building and installation works, building frameworks, enclosure structures, utilities, etc. In order to avoid the downtimes, breakdowns and difficulties the general contract exists. It would be beneficial to find a partner who will lead all these processes, without intermediates, in order to be sure in timely execution of works.

  In cooperation with "COMSALES GRUP" the Customer will be able to concentrate all responsibility, obligations and risks in one reliable general contractor. The highly qualified engineers will create for the Customer the maximum efficient concept and design solutions, taking into account the technical-economic feasibility of construction project. The construction will be carried out in compliance with the deadlines and cost estimates, defined in the contract.

The "COMSALES GRUP" company offers the solutions for designing and construction of multipurpose prefabricated facilities:

1. Solutions for industry and manufacture:

  • Industrial shops;
  • Industrial and storage hangars;
  • Concrete batching plants and mixing stations;
  • Reconstruction of industrial enterprises;
  • Modular block boiler-houses/

2. Solutions for commercial real estate:

  • Сommercial buildings;
  • Gyms;
  • Shopping malls;
  • Supermarkets;
  • Trade and exhibition calls;
  • Car service stations;
  • Car wash stations;
  • Fuel filling stations;
  • Show rooms;
  • Logistic centers;
  • Mansards;
  • Reconstructions.

3. Solutions for agriculture-zootechnical business:

  • Elevators;
  • Cooling chambers;
  • Agricultural hangars and warehouses;
  • Warehouses for floor grain storage;
  • Stock-breeding hangars;
  • Grain cleaning machines – of the ZAV type;
  • Reconstruction.

4. Special constructions and facilities

  • Cellular antennas;
  • Anchor towers;
  • Bunkers.



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