About us

The "Comsales Grup" company - is a diversified industrial construction organization which successfully operates in the construction market since 2006.

The company has developed the required infrastructure for quality complex construction and installation works: starting from project documentation to commissioning.

Our company specializes in the construction of industrial and agricultural facilities. We offer the most advantageous and favorable conditions for cooperation by taking a unique approach to each client.

"Comsales Grup" follows four major principles: 

  1. Efficiency assurance.
    We assume all responsibility for your construction project by following our own concept. Attention to customer's needs defines the style of our work and becomes a hallmark of its efficiency.
  2. Quality assurance.
    On the basis of a long time experience "Comsales Grup" is able to optimize the construction process and commissioning of facilities. 
  3. Schedule assurance.
    The "Comsales Grup" company guarantees the compliance with construction timeframes. Our highly qualified and experienced professionals are ready to provide you with the whole range of construction works - starting from laying of building foundation and ending with its commissioning.
  4. Budget assurance.
    The "Comsales Grup" construction company ensures professional competence and highest financial reliability. We develop a quotation with guaranteed price prior to commencement of works.

The client receives a full range of services from one source owing to duly documented partnership relations between the developer, designer and general contractor. Thus, the customer gets an experienced partner, who, together with architects, engineers, sub-contractors and suppliers, takes care of optimal design, coordination and construction from the very beginning. Due to all this we perform the construction efficiently and successfully.

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Address: Chisinau, Mesterul Manole str. 5А

Phone: 0 22 88-55-17

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Mobile: 0 68-68-07-87


Email: info@comsales.md